The Benefits


Enhances Brand Impression

Our scents create unforgettable atmospheres, elevating your brand's prestige and making every visit memorable.


Stimulate Sales

Using scent to subtly encourage deeper customer engagement and enhancing their experience and inspiring spending.


Uplift Your Mood

Our curated scents are tailored to improve mood, ensuring a pleasant and energizing environment for both customers and staff.


Enhances Customer Retention

Memorable scents forge stronger emotional connections, and encourage more frequent visits.


How does ambient scenting work?

Ambient scenting uses advanced diffusion technology with our diffusers to evenly disperse fragrances into spaces, subtly enhancing the environment and influencing visitor behaviour.

Do I have a choice of scents?

Certainly, we have a broad selection of fragrances, ranging from our signature Retail Scents to scents curated from our Scent Library.

What are the diffusers to choose from?

Our range includes a variety of diffusers designed to accommodate different spaces & sizes, ensuring the perfect match for your aesthetic, spatial, and budgetary requirements. Our experts are here to select the ideal unit(s) for your needs.

What is included in installation and service?

Depending on the coverage required, installation can be as simple as plug and use or a more complicated case would be for commercial buildings linked to the HVAC system. Our contract-based service plans offer regular maintenance, scent refills, and technical support to maintain a consistent and delightful scenting experience.