Care to Sleep Better Reed Diffuser Gift Set

Care to Sleep Better Reed Diffuser Gift Set

Discover tranquility with Care to Sleep Better, a fragrance designed to cradle you into restful slumber and greet your mornings with newfound vigor. This scent encapsulates the serenity of a quiet night, inviting you to experience profound calm and the gift of a truly good night's rest.

Nurtured by Nature: Each note in this harmonious blend draws inspiration from nature's embrace. Care to Sleep Better promises restful nights and brighter mornings, helping you wake up ready to conquer each day with renewed vitality.

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Key Details

Key Ingredients

Bergamot, Pineapple, Green Tea, White Musk


The Journey

As it diffuses, it envelops your space in a serene and calming aura, gradually guiding you into a restful state, as if you were drifting into a peaceful meadow filled with blooming flowers and the gentle embrace of nature.

Social Impact

The Care Range, crafted in collaboration with Caregivers Alliance Limited, presents carefully formulated scents designed to enhance and assist well-being of caregivers. These blends, featuring invigorating citrus, calming florals, and grounding woodsy notes, not only promote focus, relaxation, and restful sleep but also recognize the invaluable contributions of caregivers.


Scent Overview

Complete With

Care to Relax Scent Spray

Care to Relax Scent Spray

Serenity, Tranquility, Calm


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Drift into Dreams, Awaken to a Brighter Day.

Feel the calming shelter of a truly good night’s sleep as you tuck into a brighter new day. A soothing and calming scent crafted with scientifically proven technology, designed to prepare you for a good sleep, enhancing your sleep quality for better mental wellness.

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