Sleep, Returns Pillow Mist

Sleep, Returns Pillow Mist

Discover Sleep Returns, a fragrant reminder that within our most challenging moments, a path to serenity and restful slumber exists, breathing new life into the weary soul.

Born from the yearning for tranquility during restless nights and anxious times. It weaves a tale of relaxation and renewal, combining the calming essence of Lemon, Lemongrass, Pine Needle, and Cedar Leaf at its heart. These notes create a harmonious lullaby that gently quiets the mind, offering a fragrant sanctuary amid life's chaos.

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Key Details

Key Ingredients

Pine Needle, Hinoki, Patchouli Oil, Sandalwood


The Journey

It unfolds like a tranquil melody, gently ushering in a calming and sweet ambiance, followed by a warm, peaceful embrace that evokes the serenity of a night in the heart of the woods. Let this soothing pillow mist guide you into a restful night's sleep, creating the perfect atmosphere for peaceful slumber.



Spray it on your pillows, enjoy it during relaxation on sofas, or lightly mist your linen to create a soothing and peaceful atmosphere for a restful night's sleep or moments of relaxation.


Scent Overview

Complete With

27°F Biei Reed Diffuser Gift Set

27°F Biei Reed Diffuser Gift Set

Tranquil, Serene, Reverent


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A Scent of Tranquil Dreams

In the quiet depths of a restless world, a scent was born. It was a time when sleep eluded us, and anxiety filled our nights. But in that darkness, we discovered a blend that whispered serenity.

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